President of the oppositional Together for Serbia (ZzS) and Sabac Mayor Nebojsa Zelenovic called on CEO of the state-owned Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS) Dragan Bujosevic to make statement on the demands of the academic community for changes in the company’s editorial policy, asking “what does his silence mean” (while he worked as a journalist, Bujosevic hosted a show called “It’s not Serb-like to be silent”).

Zelenovic called on Bujosevic to start abiding by the law regulating the operation of the public service, saying that “it is simply incredible that Bujosevic is silent to the demands of the wisest people in our country for changes of the RTS editorial policy and to allow for the citizens to have truthful, timely and objective information.”

“What does this silence mean? No rational person can be against the demands of the academic community for RTS to provide the possibility for a more equal presentation of all relevant sides and actors, who would be able to present their arguments and opinions unencumbered and without censorship, as well as to make available to the citizens the detailed reviews of the documents supporting their views,” Zelenovic said.

Zelenovic also said that “Serbia will be a non-free country for as long as prime-time shows and all news programs on RTS do not discuss free elections and objectively consider all scandals: from the Krusik scandal, Jovanjica, the Belgrade Waterfront, the demolition in Savamala, the toll plaza in Doljevci, aunts in Canada, plagiarized and forged diplomas, doctoral theses, and the environmental catastrophe.”

The demand for changes to the RTS editorial policy, which was signed by more than 140 members of the academic community, was drafted about ten days ago and submitted to the media company on Wednesday, January 22.

At the time members of the academic community said that the petition was submitted because “RTS is not carrying out the law on public information and public service, and that this media company is deceiving the public,” and that the submitted demand does not represent support for political parties, but protects the interests of the citizens.

Bujosevic, once a reputable journalist and editor of the NIN and Evropljanin magazines, has seen his reputation decline drastically when he was editor in chief of the pro-government daily Politika, only to see it completely crumple when he became head of the state television company. For the sake of a comfortable and well-paid position, he agreed to be the “silent” follower of the new government. He was rewarded with two additional years of employment, even though he was supposed to retire in mid-2019.

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