Sabac Mayor Nebojsa Zelenovic said today that he was “followed and heard” for two years, 2017 and 2018 and that he came into possession of documents with orders for that.

Zelenovic, during his appearance on TV N1, claimed that he was “under measures” for the whole of 2017 and 2018, and accused the president of Serbia, Alexander, of “misusing the institutions” of the Security Information Agency (BIA) and the prosecution. Vucic.

“During all this monitoring, they have managed to pull off a process that is being charged to me as mayor, that the budget of the town of Sabac was paid to a utility company for the removal of garbage in a couple of Sabac villages, and that's all … The more important thing is that you see here how many people are under pressure from the system to do things illegally, “Zelenovic said.

He said that he was waiting for his lawyer's team to “finish the whole job”, after which he would go out in public, and he added that he had been monitored for being presented as the head of an organized crime group.

Talking about the process of misuse of the budget by the Republican authority against him and the municipalities, Zelenovic said that in 2016 the State Audit Institution found that there were discrepancies in the spending of the budget, but that they did not significantly affect the city's operations and did not exist.

“Instead of being a misdemeanor liability in any ordinary proceeding, due to accounting mismatches, I have been tried for three years. We are now in the Court of Appeal in Novi Sad. I believe that no court now can decide. to condemn me for something I didn't do, “Zelenovic said.


Zelenovic: Vucic does not have the legal authority to propose a change in election criteria

Nebojsa Zelenovic said today that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has no legal authority to propose lowering or raising the electoral threshold.

“There is no such authority of the president … That you lower the census to three percent three months before the election, it only talks about how long it has brought us, and it has brought us so far that no one can cross the census, even those who are stand in line to thank him, “Zelenovic said on TV N1.

He added that he was interested in how the MEPs expressed their opinion on the matter because it was a decision, he said, which was not discussed at the sessions and round tables, and stressed that there were none of the electoral changes that were discussed and debated.

Zelenovic said he expected a visit of European Parliament rapporteur for Serbia Vladimir Bilchik, but also that opposition members would go to Brussels.

“To talk again about all the election conditions, to show how far we have come at the moment, what has not been done that may have been necessary and to persist in the idea of ​​a boycott,” he said.

Asked if the boycott of the ruling coalition in the municipalities and cities of Serbia, including Sabac, in which the opposition is in power, brings boycott, Zelenovic said that there are 170 local self-governments in Serbia, of which “one city, one municipality and one city municipality – possibly another, in which the SNS is not in power or is not 100 percent but let's say 97 percent “and assessed the situation as” dramatic “.

“Certainly we in Sabac will not do anything that can in any way disrupt the energy that exists in the citizens,” he said.

Asked when the Alliance for Serbia, to which he belongs, will have a consistent plan for further action when the current government leaves at some point, Zelenovic said that the fact that the alliance is heterogeneous, that there can be no uniform and consistent policy, but that is an agreement to implement a 30-point agreement that ensures joint appearance.

“The basic condition of that agreement is that we fight for a fair election and then we will see what will happen,” he said.

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