One of the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) leaders, Nebojsa Zelenovic, commenting on Vucic’s text in the Srpski Telegraf, saying that Vucic knows that he stands no chance to win free elections.

“Response to Vucic is clear: we demand free and democratic elections. There will never again be rigged and elections stolen in advance! Vucic will face civil disobedience and blockade of the entire country if he does not free all the media and stop creating an atmosphere of fear, threats and political violence,” Zelenovic said.

He added that at that time the whole world would have to face the fact that there is no democracy in Serbia and that a dictatorship is being created in the heart of Europe.

“Vucic knows that he stands no chance at all in free elections and that citizens in the atmosphere of freedom and objective information would never support his lies, lawlessness and catastrophic results of the authorities,” Zelenovic said.

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