One of the leaders of the opposition block Alliance for Serbia, the leader of Together for Serbia Nebojsa Zelenovic, announced on Thursday that an one-hour “warning blockade” of the building of the public broadcaster Radio-Television of Serbia (RTS) in the center of Belgrade would take place during the next civil protest on Saturday.

Zelenovic said that the protest on that day, 9 March, would be “full of symbolism” because the blockade of media and hate speech, promoted by the authorities, were same as in the time of mass demonstrations against the regime of the then Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic in 1991 on the same date. Milosevic responded then at the protests, at the time the largest from reintroduction of the multi-party system, by taking tanks out in the streets so as to prevent the protests to be continued.

“Television Belgrade [as RTS was called then] from those times and the present RTS resemble so much that it is clear that the authorities are at the edge of introducing the open dictatorship”, Zelenovic said.

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