Former Serbian President and former leader of the Democratic Party (DS) Boris Tadic is discussing with current president of that party Zoran Lutovac about returning to the DS, Politika reports on Wednesday.

If the negotiations bear fruits, following years-long divisions, this would result in the reunification of the DS, Tadic s Social-Democratic Party of Serbia (SDS) and Together for Serbia (ZZS) founded by Dusan Petrovic, former DS vice-president. One of the advantages of this agreement would be creating a single ticket for parliament elections, which would gather most leaders who created new parties following defeat at DS party election.

Tadic, told Politika that “discussions are ongoing on possible modalities for achieving that objective, which I have been endorsing these past few years”.

Leader of Together for Serbia Nebojsa Zelenovic, founded by Petrovic, said that this party “strongly supports the unification of parties that emerged from the DS and likeminded political entities”. Zelenovic told Politika he believes this would also strengthen the Alliance for Serbia, as well as the entire opposition bloc who proposed an “agreement with the people” to protesters.

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